Secure Digital Smart Locks

Mobile-enabled smart locks designed to simplify how you control, manage, and share access.

smart lock with device

What makes our smart locks different?

Our smart locks leverage proprietary cloud based access software which creates secure digital keys on your mobile device, simplifying access control to your home, multi-residential building, office space, parking garage, and more

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Mobile Access

Enables mobile, touch free access control

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Access Management

Share permanent or timed access credentials

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Access Verification

Automatically verify the identity of new users

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Secured Access

Increased security and improved access monitoring

smart lock the vault

The Vault

Protect your property with the Vault, one of our strongest and most secure smart locks.

The Looker

Simple and timeless design, high security and ease-of-access smart lock.

smart lock the looker
mortise smart lock
The Mortise
Upgrade your commercial property with the Mortise smart lock and introduce modernized access to a legacy system.

The Bolt

Our motor driven bolt lock is the perfect solution for doors requiring a deadbolt smart lock.

dead bolt smart lock

Smart Locks and Secure Mobile Access

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Access Control

Use secure digital keys on your mobile device to access your home, office space, parking garage and more

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Access Sharing

Securely share permanent or temporary digital keys with friends, family, tenants or service providers.

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Access Vertification

Through SMS verification and our proprietary security algorithm, we can verify the identity of new users at a rate of 99.9% accuracy.

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Access Security

Zerv adds additional layers of identity verification to smart locks by leveraging the biometric and passcode security features of smart devices.

Looking to modernize your existing access systems?

Our patented Zervers can be installed in outdated readers to securely communicate with mobile phones and smart devices