A Simpler Path to Smart Access Control

Our Zervers improve the security, control, and management capabilities of any connected access system.


Upgrading to Mobile Access
Has Never Been This Easy

Our Zervers can re-equip your outdated readers to securely communicate with mobile phones and smart devices. Once connected we migrate the security and authentication from any legacy reader to a secure cloud application.

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Zero Down-time

Integrates with your existing access system

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Mobile Access

Enables mobile and touchless access​ control for any existing system

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Secured Access

Improves existing access system's verification and security features

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Access Management

Control, share, and manage permanent or temporary access

Smart Access Control
Streamline end-user experience with a single credentials​

Consolidate all your credentials into one secure, convenient location in the Zerv software.

Frictionless Adoption
Keep using existing cards and badges​

Mobile credential management eliminates costs associated with deployment and re issuance oftraditional physical access cards.

Metrics and Observability
IoT and Smart Building Data Analytics

Standards based MQTT interface enables high volume IoT data to be sent from supported devices to an authorized broker​.

Simplify Legacy Upgrades
OTA (Over-the-air configuration)​

Firmware updates and configuration management can be made over-the-air through the Zerv software or Wi-Fi module

Modern Access Control
Multiple I/O Interfaces

Includes 5v input/output trigger, internal/external
antennas, Wiegand, RS-485, and Wi-Fi module

Metrics and Observability
Extended Access Range

Activation range can be configured based on environmental requirements. Where an additional range is required, the Zerver supports the use of external antennas for both the BLE and optional Wi-Fi interfaces.


We instantly modernize your existing legacy access readers

The Zerver B is installed between the existing door reader and the physical access control system. Digital credentials are sent from a mobile device or wearable to the Zerver B device using Bluetooth Low Energy (802.15.4). The Zerver B decrypts the secure digital credential and sends it to the control panel using industry standard Wiegand or RS485. The physical access control system authorizes the request for access and triggers an LED and audible response on the host reader.

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Access Installation

The Zerver B is powered from the host controller. By connecting one side of the Zerver B directly to the control panel and the other side of the Zerver B device directly to the reader, Mobile access through the Zerv software is enabled. A full wiring diagram can be found in the Install Guide which includes dimensions, antenna instructions, wiring instructions and power-up steps.

The Zerver B

The Zerver B makes it easy to upgrade any existing access control system with mobile access, without giving up support for your physical access cards.

Integrates with your Existing Access System

Enables Mobile, Touch-Free Access

Accelerates Performance

Improves Verification and Security

Modernize Your Access Control Systems Today

Access Reader

Our stand-alone reader provides location services, enables support for Zerv mobile access as well as legacy RFID Badges, and is built with the ability to conduct over-the-air configuration and firmware updates.

Simplifying Commercial and Multi-residential Access Control

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Smart Access for Your Home

Our Zervers improve the security, control, and management capabilities of any connected access system.

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