Zerver R-eader




Touchless, Mobile Enabled Access Readers

The Zerver R is a new generation of IoT sensors that replaces legacy FOB, card and RFID readers.

Effortlessly monitor locations, objects and conditions.

A mobile, touchless experience.

The Zerver R provides location services, enables support for Zerv mobile access as well as legacy RFID Badges, secures end-to-end communication through the Open Secure Device Protocol (OSDP) standard, and conducts remote updates.

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Zero Downtime

Seamless integration ensures your systems stay online.

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Mobile Access

Mobile and touchless access control for any door, gate or access point.

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Secured Access

Improved access verification and security features.

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Access Management

Control, share, and manage permanent or temporary access.

Contact Tracing, Positioning and Location

Intuitive access records make it easy minimize contact, regulate the number of entrants to a location, and identify close contacts of potential exposure to COVID-19 or other infectious illnesses.

Smart Access Control
Streamline end-user experience with a single credential

Consolidate all credentials into one secure, convenient location.

Frictionless Adoption
Keep using existing cards and badges​

Maintain legacy cards, fobs, and badge systems so employees can keep existing credentials or adopt mobile access.

Cost Elimination
Reduce card issuance & management cost

Mobile credential management eliminates costs of deployment and reissuance of traditional physical access cards.

Modern Access Control
One person, one ID

Eliminate the risks of easily stolen, lost or duplicated access cards. Zerv software ensures an ID can't be compromised with a highly secure, best-of-breed encryption standard between device and reader.

Covid Safety
Contact tracing and location services

Zerver R detects all people and objects entering and exiting doors even if they don’t badge in or out, giving full awareness of who and how many are in a location at any given time.

Biometric Access Control
Multifactor authentication

Set credential rules including 2FA with a biometric or PIN authentication and geo-fencing and time limits.

Ramp Up Quickly
Simple installation

The Zerver R can be installed directly into an existing access control panel or via Wi-Fi.

Access Reader Installation

Option 1

zerv access reader

The Zerver R can be powered from the existing host controller by connecting the Zerver R directly to the control pane.

Option 2

zerv access control reader

If there is no existing access controller, the Zerver R can provide standalone cloud-based access control with built-in relay or connected through Wi-Fi.

Simplified Commercial and Multi-residential Access Control