Healthcare Access Control

Smart, Safe, Cost-Effective Access Control

Improve the health, security and accessibility of your hospital or healthcare center.

Our access solutions update your outdated readers to securely communicate with mobile phones and smart devices.

Easy and cost-effective. Our adaptive technology retrofits to existing security and access systems to minimize disruptions and cut costs.

Accessible accessibility. Make getting into and around your healthcare facility fast and easy for staff and patients with mobility limitations.

More mobility, less contact. Empower your personnel to move through your property with less contact and minimize contamination risk.

Intuitive security. Timed credentials and visitor verification ensure only approved persons enter the building and limit access to approved areas.

Our solutions offer access management, accessibility, health and safety, security functionality that card reader and fob access systems can't.
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Zero Downtime

Integrates with your existing fob or card access system.

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Mobile Access

Enables mobile, touch free access control for your existing system.

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Access Management

Share permanent or timed access to staff, patients and visitors.

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Secured Ingress

Augments existing verification and security features.

Integrates with your existing access system
Enables mobile, touch free access
Accelerates performance
Improved verification and security
Simplifying Access
Improve healthcare outcomes and cuts operational costs.

Simplifying Healthcare Access Control

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Smart Access for Everyone