Creating a Safer Environment for Long Term healthcare

Instagram Linkedin-in Creating a Safer Environment for Long Term Healthcare With Smart, Mobile, Touchless Access Control COVID-19 has presented an array of challenges within high-risk healthcare and assisted living centers, especially when it comes to reducing the spread of germs. While touchless access control solutions have come to the forefront in addressing this challenge, thereContinue reading “Creating a Safer Environment for Long Term healthcare”

Leveraging Smart Lock Technology in Multi-Residential Property Management

Every element of a well-run multi-family property should be vetted. Are the systems, procedures, employees, and products set up for success? down to the choice in locks. After all, this hardware keeps tenants and your property safe day in and day out. Some locks can return more on their investment than traditional lock-and-keys, smart lock. These next-generation security devices allow residents to use their smartphones to open their doors and access the building’s entrances and public areas.

How Offices are Adapting The Change In Security Demands

Remote work and in-office safety precautions to combat COVID-19 has triggered a movement of flexible and resilient workplaces. Both employers and employees will no doubt see a shift in security and operational protocol in the very near future. Below, we’ll discuss how offices are preparing for this.​

Touchless Access from 2020 and Beyond

Instagram Linkedin-in Touchless Access from 2020 and Beyond Access control has traditionally been a slow-moving industry. But there has been a huge shift in recent months due to increased customer demand and the need for safer access control experiences during and after COVID-19. Moving forward, physical security systems that prioritize health and safety while creatingContinue reading “Touchless Access from 2020 and Beyond”