Flattening the Curve in Long Term Care: Lessons from the Successes of Others

long term care access control

Instagram Linkedin-in Flattening the Curve in Long Term Care with Modern Access Control In Canada, 79% of the country’s deaths due to COVID-19 were linked to outbreaks in long-term care facilities (LTC). However, one care center in the Quebec region of Canada has had remarkably low infection rates. They were able to do this by […]

Patient Health & Safety in Long Term Care Facilities

Healthcare security systems shouldn’t be the same as they were a decade ago. Technology is advancing in leaps, and some healthcare facilities are behind the times, leaving patients, staff, and the hospital as a whole exposed to security risks and potential dangers.

5 Reasons Smart Devices Afford Better Access Security


The biggest challenge with access cards, keys, and fobs? Employees forget them all the time. They take them off at the lunch room or at home and forget to grab them, they leave them in their cars, or any one of a number of reasons.

Connecting the University Campus with Mobile Access

When it comes to physical access control for university campuses, it’s not as simple as securing entry points anymore. Technology has evolved and students and staff now expect these systems will also contribute to a more convenient and connected on-campus experience.

Smart Mobile Access as a Marketable Amenity

It shouldn’t be a surprise that millennial renters and property buyers want as many tech upgrades as they can get, right down to the locks, and more and more are becoming more likely to rent or purchase an apartment specifically because of smart features such as mobile access doors.

Creating a Safer Environment for Long Term healthcare

Instagram Linkedin-in Creating a Safer Environment for Long Term Healthcare With Smart, Mobile, Touchless Access Control COVID-19 has presented an array of challenges within high-risk healthcare and assisted living centers, especially when it comes to reducing the spread of germs. While touchless access control solutions have come to the forefront in addressing this challenge, there […]

Leveraging Smart Lock Technology in Multi-Residential Property Management

Every element of a well-run multi-family property should be vetted. Are the systems, procedures, employees, and products set up for success? down to the choice in locks. After all, this hardware keeps tenants and your property safe day in and day out. Some locks can return more on their investment than traditional lock-and-keys, smart lock. These next-generation security devices allow residents to use their smartphones to open their doors and access the building’s entrances and public areas.

How Offices are Adapting The Change In Security Demands

Remote work and in-office safety precautions to combat COVID-19 has triggered a movement of flexible and resilient workplaces. Both employers and employees will no doubt see a shift in security and operational protocol in the very near future. Below, we’ll discuss how offices are preparing for this.​