Simplifying Access for Everyday People.

Our smart locks, readers, and Zervers make it easy for everyday people to modernize legacy fob and card readers into a mobile-authenticated, touchless access control system.

Powerful Cloud Access Software

How our software simplifies access

Once installed, we create secure digital keys on your mobile device that can be used to control, manage and share access on any connected smart lock, access reader or Zerver.

Access Control

Remote Access Control Experience

Use secure digital keys on your mobile device to access your home, office space, parking garage, sports club, and more.
mobile access control
Zerv's biometric access verification
Access Security​

Layers of Access Security

Zerv provides additional identity verification layers using your smart phone’s technology and creates a secure connection to your facility’s access software system.

Access Sharing

Simplifying Remote Sharing

Use remote access software to share permanent or temporary mobile credentials to visitors, tenants, service providers, and more. Forget copying keys or changing locks, just open the app
and revoke access – it’s simple (and less awkward).
Simplying Access Sharing
identity verification for smart mobile touchless access control

Access Verification

Secure Access Verification

Through SMS verification and our proprietary security algorithm, we can verify the identity of new users at a rate of 99.9% accuracy.


Simplify access upgrades for your home, business or office space.

All-Access Smart Readers ​

Access Solutions

Simplifying commercial and multi-residential access control

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