Open Up

While the world throws up barriers, Zerv opens access to where you need to go. We connect you to places, technology, and most importantly, other people. And we make it controlled, effortless, and secure.

Rites of Passage

Zerv was founded in 2018, but our driving idea of digitizing the physical world of security and access was born much earlier. 

The premise is simple: we already have all the tools, technology, and safeguards in place for responsive, empathetic access control. What’s missing is a unifying translator to get them all to work together. We made Zerv to fill that gap.

Since then, Zerv has been working within multiple industries, including 8 of the 10 largest asset managers in the world, to streamline access control, grow their market penetration, and increase ROI.

Guiding Principles

Our core values shape our people, products and processes.

Open doors

We create pathways for people to move forward, from granting access to nurturing career growth to facilitating connections and opportunities.

Be impatient

Get to the point; we have places to be and important things to do. Let’s not waste valuable time. Our product is about getting people and ideas where they need to go ASAP.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

We upcycle what’s good and make it better, instead of fixing problems that don’t exist and creating new waste. Our technology and team are backwards compatible and future proof.


We make accessibility accessible. Doors should be portals to your destination; not barriers. We bring people and perspectives to the table that too often go underserved or unheard.

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