COVID-19 has presented an array of challenges within high-risk healthcare and assisted living centers, mainly when it comes to reducing the spread of germs. While touch-less access control solutions have come to the forefront in addressing this challenge, there are other challenges within healthcare that touch-less access control can help to alleviate in the long term we will address.

Reducing the Spread of Illnesses Through Contact

Reducing the spread of illness through contact is the primary aspect of the pandemic that touch-less access control has successfully addressed within healthcare facilities. The logic is simple, if germs are transmitted through contact, the clear solution is to minimize contact at major touch points, such as access points to and within the facility. It allows nurses to enter and exit sanitized areas without touching any door handles or activation switches. Staff can keep gloves on and face masks do not need to be removed because the mobile device communicates from a distance.

However, touch-less access control goes beyond reducing contact where germs are spread. 

Improved Accessibility for Patients with Limited Mobility

Residents with limited mobility, dexterity, and vision benefit from convenient mobile credentials that can open doors from a distance (3 meters) and create a more seamless accessibility experience – while families appreciate the wider accessibility options for their loved ones. Our admin override capability in the event of an emergency ensures resident safety.

Contactless Visitor Check-in

Nearly all retirement communities have restricted visitation of non-essential guests. If you run a building where guests are coming to visit family members, then you want to ensure them a safe and sanitary environment. Many buildings require a sign-in procedure for visitors to enter. We recommend that you revise the sign-in process, visitors can be prompted to authenticate themselves within the mobile app which will then be used for access. Forms and health screenings can be completed online or in a mobile app prior to visits for improved safety of staff and patients, and more efficiency all around. Modern access applications go further and allow administrators to control who can access which doors and restrict visitor movement within the building to limit traffic through communal spaces.

Fight Supply Theft

Theft within healthcare facilities including that of drugs, masks, medical equipment, and other forms of supplies is a common problem. A modernized touch-less solution can work against theft by keeping such supplies locked in certain areas in which access is granted to only certain healthcare personnel. 

Ensuring that patients, staff, and visitors are kept as safe as possible is essential to an effective healthcare environment. From accessing the acute care or assisted living centers to the way staff interact and move through the facility, entrances play a crucial role in hygiene, security, and accessibility. With ever-evolving safety standards and unpredictable demand placed on healthcare centers, modernizing door systems is an essential part of improving overall efficiency, safety, and performance.

Fight Health & Cost Effectively Upgrade Part of Your System Rather Than Investing in a Full Replacement Upgrade

If you have concerns about the coronavirus and want to upgrade to a touch-less method for your access control, you can simply upgrade part of your system without replacing your existing systems. Find out more about our no replacement smart access devices by sending us a message. Our experts can walk you through each system to identify the best solution for your needs.