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Smart security and access solutions designed to simplify touchless access control.


Intuitive, Adaptive Access Control Software

Our smart locks, readers, and Zervers make it easy for everyday people to modernize legacy fob and card readers into a mobile-authenticated, touchless access control system.

Simplified Access

Use your mobile phone to connect to Zerv's readers or retro-fit your existing card or fob access reader to enable mobile connectivity.
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Manage Guests and Deliveries

Use your mobile device to control, share, and manage permanent or temporary access.

Secure, Touchless Mobile Access

Authenticate using your mobile device and enable touchless control for any connected access systems.
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Share Access via Mobile Devices

Role based access control to share permanent or timed mobile credentials to anyone.
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Improved Access Control

Use your mobile device to access your home, office space, parking garage, and more.
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Verify Identities of New Users

Verify the identity of new users at 99.9% accuracy with SMS and proprietary algorithm.​
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Increased Access Security

Add layers of identity verification with biometric and passcode security features of smart devices.​


Simplifying Access for Properties of Any Type or Size

Homes and Multi-Residential

Have some guests over - Manage visitors by verifying their identity and assigning a temporary digital key to their mobile device, providing your tenants with a secure and seamless experience throughout the property.

Commercial Properties and Buildings

Get back into the office – Manage access to specific doors or buildings throughout the property, secure vacant areas and cut utility cost. Manage employee headcount to meet COVID-19 indoor capacity limitations.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

Keep patients secure - Manage occupancy throughout different areas of the hospital and monitor the status of security & fire exits. Legacy access systems are easily up-fitted with Zerv's technology to modernize and mobilize your staff.

Health and Fitness Centers

Get in (and out of) the gym - Touchless access enables customers to safely enter and exit your property without over-exposure to germs. Lost your key? Provide building access to your staff remotely and securely using Zerv's user-management platform. 

All-Access Smart Readers

Building Access Solutions

Zerv Access software capabilities with Zerver for legacy readers
Streamlined Access Control and Access Management

Zerv's access solutions make it easy for any smart lock and access reader to safely and securely connect with your mobile device. Once installed, we create secure digital keys on your mobile device that can control, manage, and share access in office spaces, parking garages, fitness centers, hotels and more.


Remote Access Control Experience

Use Zerv's online platform to assign secure digital keys to tenant, employee, or customer mobile devices, providing organized and scalable access. 

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Zerv's biometric access verification


Layers of Access Security

Install multiple tiers of security requirements across properties to safeguard sensitive locations while streamlining access to high-traffic areas.


Simplifying Remote Sharing

Use remote access software to share permanent or temporary mobile credentials to visitors, tenants, service providers, and more. Forget copying keys or changing locks; just open the app and revoke access.

Zerv Access mobile control sharing capabilities
identity verification for smart mobile touchless access control


Secure Access Verification

Through SMS verification and our proprietary security algorithm we can verify the identity of new users at 99.9% accuracy.

Ready to Modernize Your Access Control Systems?

Smart Access for Business

Our patented Zervers re-equip outdated access readers to securely communicate with mobile phones and smart devices with zero downtime at a fraction of the cost of installing a whole new smart system.


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