Zerv Access

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Authorized Access,
Built for the Future

Simplifying mobile access for a connected generation.


Mobile Access, Made Easy.

Our technology enables smart mobile access on any existing building access points, without requiring costly hardware upgrades.

Once installed, we create secure digital keys on your mobile device that can be used to control, manage and share access in office spaces, parking garages, fitness centers, hotels, and more.

Smart Access

Mobile enabled smart locks modernize how you control, manage and share home access.

smart lock

Authorized access on any device


Access Control​

Use secure digital keys on your mobile device to access your home, office spaces, parking garages and sports clubs.


Access Sharing

Share permanent or timed mobile credentials to friends, family, tenants, service providers etc

Authorized Access
on any device

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Access Verification

Through SMS verification and our proprietary security algorithm we can verify the identity of new users at 99.9% accuracy.​


Access Security

Zerv adds additional layers of identity verification by leveraging the biometric and passcode security features of smart devices.

Smart Access
for Business.

Our patented Zervers re-equip outdated access readers to securely communicate with mobile phones and smart devices with zero downtime.
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